Coronavirus Update 05/11/20

Centre Closure

Following the latest government guidance the Salto Centre is closed as from Thursday 5th November. 

All on-site classes and sessions from Andover Gym Club and Charlton Rocks Cheer are cancelled.


Charlton Rocks Cheer will continue to provide a service for all our members with online classes which can be done at home.

Please go to our team app (BAND) for all online training information.


We will continue to review the situation on a regular basis. Any information and updates will be published via our web-site, social media accounts and our team app.


Thankyou for working with us at this time.

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Cheer Stunt & Tumble is an exciting new sport for all ages and abilities. It includes gymnastics skills, acrobatic group stunts and tumbling performed in a fast paced dance routine.

We are a competitive club and our aim is to encourage young people to engage in regular physical activity.


We offer a fun, safe environment for training and welcome everyone regardless of ability or previous experience. 


Group skills with two, three or more athlets that demonstrate strength, balance and flexibility


Individual skills including rolls, cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings, flicks (back handsprings) and somersaults


Aerobic dance links and complements cheer and gymnastics skills


Individual jumping skills to show height and shapes


Stunts where all of the team build linked structures

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