Thank you for your interest in joining us for the 2022-2023 Competitive Season.

Please read our 22-23 Tryout Pack & 22-23 Season Information Pack carefully before booking.

Both can be downloaded below:

If you DO NOT want to be on a competitive team you DO NOT need to Tryout! Please email for a non- competitive placement.


What Are Tryouts?

CRC hold Tryouts at the start of every competitive cheer season (end of July/ beginning August). We ask everyone interested in competing to Tryout (including existing CRC Competitive Athletes, CRC Non- Competitive Athletes and New Non-Club Members).

Tryouts give athletes an opportunity to be placed on to one of our Competitive Cheer teams for the following season. The CRC coaches will ask athletes to perform skills such as Jumps, Tumbles, Dance and Stunt skill. They will then assess the ability of each athlete and select the best team for them.

The coaches will select the athletes who they believe will work together to create the best opportunity of success for the team. This is not the always athlete who can do every jump, stunt or tumble so please do not worry if you struggle with these skills. Still attend a Tryout because we offer Non-Tumble and/or Non-Stunting positions and you could still make a competitive team!

If the coaching team believe an athletes’ skills needs further development the athlete will be placed onto a non-competitive team, and their place reviewed at a later date.

If you DO NOT want to be on a competitive team you DO NOT need to Tryout!