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What Is All-Star Cheer?


Stunting skills involve two or more athletes working together to hold a balance shape or throw a dynamic skill. 

Stunting Positions

Flyer - The top athlete being held in a shape or being thrown and caught.

Main Base - Athlete supporting, throwing or catching the flyer.

Secondary Base - Athlete helping to support, throw and catch the flyer.

Back Spotter - Athlete helping to support, throw and catch the flyer.

Skills are performed at various heights - ground, waist, shoulder, prep and extended levels.

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Anchor Tumble


Individual dynamic skills ranging from forward and backward rolls through handsprings and flicks to single and twisting somersaults. Athletes work two types of tumble in a routine.

Running Tumble - starts in a forward direction from running or forward skills such as handspring.

Standing Tumble - starts in a backward direction with steps or backward skills such as back walkover.

All our tumble skills are developed on the trampoline, fast track, air track or tumble track.

Anchor Dance


Dance is one of the mandatory section in a competitive All-Star Cheer routine. All team members are involved in performing the dance section which is generally at the end of the routine.


Dance should demonstrate the teams enthusiasm and high level of energy to the judges and may incorporate: a variety of levels, formation changes, intricate arm and footwork, synchronisation and cannon.

Dance moves are also used to link and consolidate the other sections of a competitive routine.

Anchor Jumps


Jumps are another mandatory section in the competitive All-Star Cheer routine.


Jumps include common gymnastics jumps such as Straight, Star, Tuck, Toe Touch (gymnastic straddle jump), Pike jump and cheer specific jumps such as Herkies and Hurdlers.

Single and linked jumps are performed.



Pyramids are two or more stunt groups connected and involve all team members.


Pyramid sequences are often fast paced, and may involve a variety of heights, mounts, transitions, release moves, and dismounts.

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