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Travel Team Info

This is a fantastic opportunity not only to compete at an international competition but to explore a new country which for some athletes may not be possible without cheer. For this reason we are aiming to keep the price as low as possible and open this opportunity to CRC members and Non-Members.


* Non-Members who attend another club must have their coaches permission to attend our tryout and join our travel team if offered a placements.


We estimate the cost of this trip will be around £500-700 per person, however we are hoping to reduce this will fundraising activities. Once the team has been selected we will be able to finalise trip costs. We aim to have a specific price 2 weeks after selecting the team. 


*Athletes under the age of 12yrs old will require a parent/ guardian to attend the trip with them. For athletes over this age we will have chaperones who will be their guardian for the duration on the trip.


Training is likely to be every 2 weeks and will become weekly from May. Training is likely to be on a Monday 5-7pm however this may change after tryouts.Training fees for this team will be due monthly and will cost £40 for Non-Members or £25 for CRC Members.


Training will take place at our club address: Salto Centre, Off Charlton Road, Charlton, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 4AJ


*Athlete who are selected for the travel team may be required to attend additional fundraising dates or take part in fundraising activities to help reduce the trip cost.

Tryout info:

Team tryout will take place Saturday 11th November 2023 1:00pm-2:30pm and cost £12.50 per athlete. Tryouts are for Level 1 Athletes aged 8-14yrs. At your tryout Head Coach Tierney will assess athletes Jump Skills, Tumble Skills, Stunt Skills and a Dance which will be taught on the day. 

You will be notified of your tryout results via email by Monday 13th November 2023 and have until Wednesday 15th November to accept or decline any team offer. 

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